How To Use Hair Conditioner Properly

How to guide for conditioning your hair

Most of us know how important conditioner is to the health and feeling of our hair. However, most of us do not realize that there is an art to not only finding the correct conditioner for our hair, but also applying the conditioner in the proper way so that our hair will actually benefit the most.

Before you purchase your next bottle of conditioner, consider these perfect practices on how to use conditioner properly to get long hair.


Purchase the Perfect Conditioner For Your Hair

Just as there are numerous bottles of conditioners on the aisle, there are numerous hair types that need the perfect conditioner designed specifically for that hair type. In order to purchase the perfect conditioner for you, you must take into account your hair type.

If you have fine hair, make sure to purchase How to condition your hair the right waya conditioner specifically designed for fine hair so that it will not overwhelm your hair and weigh it down.

For dry or damaged hair, make sure to get a deep conditioning or deep moisturizing conditioner to help restore and to heal your hair.

If you have chemically treated hair, search for conditioners specifically labeled for chemically treated hair because they will have the moisturizing repair agents that you need with the gentleness to protect chemically treated hair.

If you have normal hair that does not appear to be dry or have damage, I would still recommend finding a light conditioner to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

GROW Conditioner is perfect for all hair types, whether dry, normal, damaged, color-treated, or fine. It has technology that makes it self adjust to any hair type. In fact, GROW Conditioner is perfect for anyone that wants to get long hair fast.

How To Apply Hair Conditioner Properly

Most of us have been applying conditioner to our hair since we were children. We may have even become victim to zoning out while doing this menial and mundane task. However, did you know that if you do not apply your conditioner correctly, you may not only receive no benefit from it, but you also may actually cause more problems for your scalp?

1.When applying conditioner, place the appropriate amount needed for your hair in the palm of your hand. Because you want to completely cover all strands of your hair, make sure to use enough conditioner. Then, evenly distribute the conditioner between both of your hands.

2.Next, apply thoroughly to all of your hair without globbing any on your scalp. Some people will apply from root to tip while others will start at the tip of their hair and work their way up. The main key is to make sure all strands of your hair receive the conditioner.

3.Now, a wonderful trick to help fully condition your hair is to leave a wide tooth comb in the shower and comb the conditioner through your hair to make sure it is evenly distributed.

4.The most important step is to Always make sure to allow the conditioner to sit in your hair for at least 3 – 5 minutes so that the hair growth nutrients can be fully absorbed into your hair.

5.Finally, rinse well with warm water and then cool water if possible to help hair follicles to close and to seal moisture in your hair.

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